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The Membership 

Maintaining your locs isn't just about looking good; it's about ensuring their long-term health and vitality. And guess what? Our Marula Locs Membership is not only the key to stunning locs but also the smartest way to save money on their care throughout the entire year.

Here's what's included when you join our exclusive membership:

- 10 visits to spread through the year as you please.


- Full Care (Conditioning and Steam Treatments)


-Detox as needed


-Retwist and Styling Included


-2 Optional Crochet Maintenance or Repairs 


With your exclusive membership, enjoy a rejuvenating and hydrating scalp cleanse, deep clean, and have your locs moisturized with a Deep Steam Conditioning Treatment. Your membership can also be transferred to a family member if you are unable to make it to an appointment.

Limited Availability

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity! We're capping our membership at just 20 individuals who are ready to embark on a journey towards healthier, more vibrant locs.

 Early Bird Special

Act now and enjoy our limited-time Early Bird Special! Secure your membership for only $1200 when you join by November 1st.

Regular Pricing

From November 2nd through December 31st, the regular membership price will be $1500.

Your locs deserve the best care, and we're here to provide it. Join us on the path to stunning, natural locs that radiate confidence and style.

Space is limited, so you better secure your spot! 

For more detailed descriptions of each service, please look up the specific service. 

Let us know what additional services you'd like when filling out the booking form for your appointment.  The additional fees for requested services will be due when you come into the salon for your hair appointment.

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