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Whether you have an amazing idea for a business or are currently operating one--how can you make sure it is successful? How can you make your business legal, well-operated, and profitable? How can you truly tap into your ultimate wealth potential and purpose creating a long-lasting business that can scale?


This online course will give a step-by-step guide to jumpstart your new business from scratch and attract loyal customers without spending hours online fumbling through best business tips. 

In this online course, you’ll learn how to: 

  • How to turn your IDEA into INCOME with a strategic and savvy growth plan

  • How to discover your UNIQUE brand identity and offers in your industry

  • How to choose the best company structure for your business and put in the legal paperwork

  • How to manage your finances to keep money flowing and accounted for 

  • How to organically boost sales and create loyal customers

  • How to set up your business line, website, and social media channels 

  • How to interview, hire, and onboard top talent


About Your Instructor 

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My name is Neria and I’m the owner of Marula Locs LLC, a high-earning natural hair care salon in Baltimore. 


I started my first set of natural locs in 2007. I started learning natural hair care from my aunt who was a natural hair enthusiast and lotician. She had a salon in her basement and while she was working--I watched the technique in her hands. 


I spent over 13 years mastering the craft of natural care. Now, I am a certified Master Lotician and Crochet/Loc Extension Master. 


But I wanted more. I had a bigger dream to open my own business.


And if you’re like me, you may have a similar problem: I was expertly skilled in my industry, but an absolute beginner at starting a business. 


So, I took the deep entrepreneurial dive. 


I started to read books and take business courses. I consulted business owners within my family. I made friends with successful business owners. I started to change my circle and the conversations that were happening around me. 


Business ownership wasn’t an easy journey. It takes discipline. You may lose friends. You may even lose family members, but you have to learn to be a boss and truly value yourself. 


In this course, I will give you my practical guidance on how to GROW with grace. 


I built my entrepreneurship skills from the ground-up. My goal was to be more than just to be a hairstylist, I wanted to be an entity. 


When I signed the lease for my 1500 sq ft salon with 3 salon suites and commercial space--I knew that I was on the way to true financial freedom. 


And it came true. Since launching my business, I’ve been able to support my family in a way that I’ve never been able to before. I’ve been able to easily pay my bills, buy my dream car, make investments, and travel around the world. 


As a single mom of a 4-year old son with a disability, my success in business has allowed me to spend more time with my son. My thriving business gave me back control over my time. Now, I have the freedom to do what’s best for my family--without asking anybody for permission to exist. 


And I believe you can do the same. 


Sure, it wasn’t easy to learn how to operate a business. I made costly mistakes that took time to fix. 


But those mistakes gave me valuable business lessons.


In this course, I share those lessons and my process for setting up my business, so you can avoid risky and costly mistakes, and start your business with confidence. This course combines all of my business lessons, expert tips, and practical guidance to set up and jumpstart your business in any industry. 

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Business Jumpstart

Course Includes:

  • Two 1-on-1 Business Consultation Calls with Founder of Marula Locs LLC, Neria Thomas

  • An easy break-down of company structures (LLC, LP, C Corp, etc.) and how to choose the best one for your business

  • How to legally register your business

  • How to manage your finances to keep money flowing and accounted for

  • How to set up your business line, management tools, website, and social media channels

  • Free E-Guide "Wealth JumpStart: Best Tools, Tips, and Resources For Business Owners" by Neria Thomas

  • How to organically boost sales and create loyal customers

  • How to interview, hire, and onboard top talent

  • How to discover and maximize your unique brand identity and offers in your industry


Will this course help me set up a business in a niche industry?

This course is designed to give an overview of fundamental business principles that apply to a variety of industries. Whether you’re in hair care or the automotive industry, these tips will help you to understand how to set up your business.

Will the webinar be recorded and published for me to view at a later time?


How can I schedule my consultations?

You should schedule your complimentary consultation within 3 months. You can schedule through email to Neria’s schedule is flexible.

When will I receive e-guide?

You will receive the e-guide before the course begins via email.

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